Top 10 gifts for your top 10 people

Need last-minute Hanukkah gift ideas?

With the holiday season approaching, we are faced with the annual dilemma of what to give family members and friends for Hanukkah. Below is a list of great gift options for all ages:

1Personalized books: These aren’t new trend, but they’re still a great way to show someone you care. From websites to arts and craft kits, books with personal photos and inscriptions are a sweet way to look back on memories. Try sites like Shutterfly to create a present they’ll never forget.

2For music-loving friends and family, buy a CD, vinyl or MP3 of new or wanted music – or make them a mixtape or playlist for them to jam out to this holiday season.

3Anything monogrammed is a great personalized gift. Instead of the typical monogrammed towel or bag, try to consider a hobby or interest of your loved one that lends itself to monogramming, like an apron or a baseball bat.

4Sports memorabilia and athletic gear are always great gifts for diehard sports fans. Whether a book about a favorite team or new clothing for their favorite sport, this is the perfect gift to encourage them to get out on the field or court and have some fun.

5Know someone who fancies visual and studio arts but finds their art supplies lacking? Paint, markers or a how-to book is a thoughtful gift for any aspiring artist.

6Cookbooks, ingredients, or a new kitchen utensil is perfect gift for the friend or family member who enjoys cooking in their kitchen. Make sure that you buy ingredients and supplies they don’t already have. A great way to do this is to snap a photo before visiting the store and asking for complementary ingredients. Also be sure to check up on appliance reviews before buying.

7Need a gift for technological savvy member of your family or friend group?  Touch screen gloves, cord-organizers or screen cleaners are all wonderful ways to keep them up-to date this holiday season.

8Self-care related gifts are always appreciated. Think of candles, journals, cozy sweaters, socks or essential oils as some gifts that will warm and sweeten anyone’s holiday spirit.

9If all else fails, think of their favorite spot to shop? Simply buy a gift card.

10And for those just impossible-to-find-a-gift-for loved ones… no one has ever complained about cold, hard cash.

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