Yavneh creates an Instagram

Connecting with the youth, representing the school

Fingers scroll through posts, sometimes double tapping to show appreciation or admiration. Edited pictures of friends on vacation, mouth-watering photos of gourmet food and birthday posts — the typical Instagram feed. Yavneh believes that its social media efforts are for the betterment of the school community.

“We hope that the page will show both people in and outside of Yavneh the great opportunities Yavneh has to offer and the many accomplishments of its students,” said Daniella Lieberman, co-founder of the account and Judaics teacher.

Lieberman and Talia Kushnick, Yavneh’s director of admissions, decided to make the Instagram profile for the school active this year and immediately added photographs of Yavneh students taking time out of their day to package food and load a truck with supplies for Houston.

“I think that it’s a great new way to keep student and parents connected to what is going on at Yavneh.”

– Vanessa Kibel [12]

With social media becoming more imminent in today’s society more organizations and schools are jumping on the bandwagon, hoping to connect.

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat promote social events rather than printed flyers. Yavneh so far has Facebook and Instagram. A Snapchat account seems to be the inevitable future of the school’s engagement in social media.

Yavneh Academy’s public Instagram account is under the username @yavnehdallas. Please go follow it and show support for all Bulldog achievements that will be posted on the page.


Instagram page @yavnehdallas