Shining soccer stars

Yavneh boys soccer team remains undefeated

As sweat dripped down their faces, the Bulldogs were overwhelmed with relief and joy.

The much improved soccer team stands with a 5-0 record as of Sept. 5.

The team made an outstanding comeback against Bethesda, who beat Yavneh in 2016. The Bulldogs came to the field for their first game with a strong bite, defeating the Ambassadors in a 4-0 blowout.

The next night, the Bulldogs played against The Cambridge School of Dallas on Yavneh’s home field.

“We possessed the ball for the majority of that time, and it always stayed on [Bethesda’s] side of the field,” Coach Alan Sandler said.

Nearing the end of the game, tensions ran high as the scoreboard read 1-1. With 10 minutes remaining, captain Sammy Nurko [11] scored the goal that gave Yavneh the victory.

“I’m jealous that you get to play with so much talent.”


The Bulldog soccer stars notched another victory 5-1 against The Westwood School, Aug. 28. With three wins, the team appeared unstoppable.

The next night, however, Burton Adventist Academy threatened Yavneh’s win-loss record with skillful play.

Burton started off strong, leading 2-0. The score quickly changed to 2-1 after Yavneh newcomer Max Weinstein [11] scored a penalty kick.

Momentum started to shift. Nurko scored another late goal, tying the game. At the end of regulation time the score remained 2-2, leading the teams to a round of penalty kicks to identify the winner.

Ultimately, goalie Jared Notelovitz [11] secured the victory for Yavneh, stopping five of the six shots.

Zach Epstein ‘17, alumnus and last year’s soccer team captain, commented to a player, “I’m jealous that you get to play with so much talent.”

Epstein referred to the strong players who communicate with each other and have the potential to take the Bulldogs further in the playoffs than before.

Last night the boys continued their streak with a 3-0 win over The Canterbury Episcopal School. The Bulldogs took total control of the field, scoring all three goals during the first half.


Photo(s) taken by Seth Gerstenfeld