Freedom: a poem

When I was younger I would lay down

And stare up at the moon

I thought the life ahead of me

Would be more than opportune

I drew imaginary lines

Between the stars that hung so right

I believed they held my future

So I dreamed throughout the night

I was an explorer of the universe

Because I saw my fate drawn out

I trusted there was someone bigger

Who heard my every shout

There was freedom in that thought

And it gave me peace of mind

I figured everything would be alright

Because the stars seemed so aligned


But as the years went on

I slowly felt less free

Society tried to define

The right way to be me

They trapped me in a box

And taught me how to act

They never told me I was beautiful

But made sure to show me what I lacked

At first, I tried to shout

And raised my ear up towards the sky

I listened for the somebody

Who used to comfort me each night

But the stars were on an axis

And seemed so far away

The lines I’d drawn between them

Were suddenly erased

With nothing up above me

My world began to cave

I knew that it was time

To start digging my own grave

Then one day I was walking

And finally saw the sky

But this time it was different

Because the stars were in your eyes

You took me by the hand

And picked me up off of the ground

All these years I’d been shouting

But had never made a sound

But this time someone heard me

It didn’t come a moment too soon

You took away my shovel

And reintroduced me to the moon